Get a rhythm

Do I dare jinx it and say things are going well?

Finding my rhythm in life and work has helped me put all of the pieces together.

It took me a long time to find a diet that I felt good on. I’m thankful my daughter in law suggested the AIP diet, which lead me to discover a dairy intolerance.

And I’ve created a good balance between work and exercise and play, which has helped tremendously.

Last week I pulled another piece of the puzzle together and made sure to create a beautiful physical space to work in and relax and rejuvenate my soul.

Finding my rhythm

After almost a year of writing this blog, I finally found a rhythm that is working for me. I used to try to write, edit, find photos, and post all in the same day. The pressure would get to me, and I’d feel like I had to hurry to get a post in.

Well, that wasn’t very smart!

Things are going pretty good…there, I said it. And, yeah, it won’t stay this way, because it never does. But that’s okay. I’ll go with the flow and enjoy the ride just the same.

Thanks for your support and doing this with me!

Reader Comments

  1. Stephanie

    I found you just a few days ago via a new IG friend and her invitation to your new FB group. I am really enjoying catching up with your blog. I appreciate much about your experiences. My own have been different, yet I see similar threads woven through them.. I have pondered a blog for a long time and yours has inspired me most in many ways. Your enthusiasm is contagious. <3

    I am 55 and looking some significant changes in the face in my near future. And while I have found and lost my rhythm many times over my own life, it is comforting to hear someone ahead of me on the trail say that the rhythm isn't a constant that never changes reminds me of the hope and comfort I do have. So thank you. And I'm looking forward to learning more about you. You are a strong, amazing, resilient and beautiful woman.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Stephanie, thank you! I so appreciate your comment and kind words.

      We are in this together, and I’ve learned so much this last year. So glad you found me, and I’m looking forward to seeing a blog from you!

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