First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…

The day after our wedding we left our hotel in San Francisco to go explore the city. It was a beautiful spring day, and we were excited to spend the day together as husband and wife.

Our wedding was everything we hoped it to be, and we were still on a love-high we wanted to bask in for as long as possible. 

Our wedding at San Francisco City Hall

My phone rang as we stepped out onto the sidewalk and I answered immediately. My son and daughter-in-law were due to have daughter number two any day, and we were happily assigned to take care of daughter number one while they were at the hospital.

When I heard my daughter-in-law’s voice, I knew something was up. She told me it was time, and they were heading to the hospital. My first reaction was panic. I wasn’t ready! John smiled at my unusual lack of calm and said; “We can make it happen, sweetheart.”

We raced home to Napa to change and pack and just before leaving got a second call telling us to take our time as it was a false alarm. Two days later we were back in our car heading to Lemoore, filled with excitement.

As we anxiously waited for baby sister to arrive, John and I had a wonderful time taking care of sweet Layla. She was just shy of two; full of curiosity, love, and wonderment. Watching John with her made me wish we had met years ago and could have had a family together.

So Big!

For just a moment my heart tugged for a longing of something I could never have, and then I remembered how lucky we were to have found each other even if it was in our later years.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time as Layla’s grandparents and caretaker, and when baby Brenna came home we were all overjoyed. What an honor it was to be there to greet her when she was just one day old.

One day old, Brenna

Every one of us fell in love with her immediately, but watching these two sisters bond from the very beginning has been one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive.


Heading home to Napa we were both quiet. We went from boyfriend and girlfriend to married to grandparents in less than a week. It was a lot to digest, and our emotions ran high.

From the highs of life’s celebrations would come lows of disappointment and heartache. Little did I know in that moment that the term “terrible two’s” would describe our first two years of marriage and not a child’s demands.  

I found out happily ever after doesn’t always look the way we hope.

Reader Comments

  1. Melanie

    What a whirlwind! Our first year was nothing like I expected married life to be, but 30 years later more in love then the day we wed. You are very fortunate to be such a huge part of your granddaughters lives.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      I love that you are so in love!! And, yes, we are so fortunate to be in their lives. Those girls mean the world to us.

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