Fine powder and Fireball – the rest of the story

Apparently I left a few people wondering what Fireball is, from my post about my boys growing up on a farm. I may have even left the impression that they were sweet little boys.

Let me set the record straight.

Even before moving to the farm, those two boys of mine kept me on my toes. They were curious about everything. One time my youngest tried to electrocute himself with the Christmas tree lights. That was after he fell in the river and almost drowned. But moving to the farm was an open door to explore nature and the world around them.

Before moving to the farm when we still had cable television, their favorite show was MacGyver. Remember that show? MacGyver was a secret agent who could get out of any situation with some duct tape and chewing gum. Without the show to watch, they had to come up with their own MacGyver stunts.

We had a huge shop on the farm. It had a loft at the far end with a completely open ledge. Wow, thinking about that now I can’t believe I wasn’t freaked out that they would fall off that thing! But they never did. Well, not accidentally that is.

In a MacGyver moment they ran a rope from the top of the loft down across the shop to the door. But before they tied it, they ran the rope through the top loop of a backpack. Then my oldest told his brother to put the backpack on and fly down the rope to the bottom.

Luckily no bones were broken as the rope burned through the loop and my youngest came crashing down on the cement floor. That shop was like their secret lair/science lab and I didn’t find out until much later about “Fireball”.

I’m not sure which one of them got the bright idea to soak a tennis ball in gasoline and light it on fire and then actually play tennis with it, though I bet I could guess. I have a feeling there are a few more things that went on in that shop that I will never know about.

Their curiosity never ceased. One time we were all in the field bucking hay. We used my old ’79 Ford pickup pulling a flatbed trailer to stack the hay on. My oldest son stayed on the trailer helping to pull the heavy bales up. My youngest was probably about nine at the time and since he wasn’t able to pull 80 pound bales of hay onto the trailer, he was tasked as being the driver of the truck.

That was a boring job, because once the truck was moved, he had to wait for us to pull up all the bales. In his boredom he decided to see what would happen if he stuck a penny in the truck light socket for the trailer. All of a sudden all of the lights on the truck were flashing sporadically and we had no idea what was wrong.

Until he pulled the penny out.

But my favorite is when they set the fire extinguisher off in my kitchen, while I was gone. When I got home, they were both sitting at the kitchen table with the expended fire extinguisher sitting on the middle of the table.

My entire open cupboard, country kitchen was covered in a fine powder. It was on and in everything. They immediately told me it went off by itself, which I did not believe.

And I still don’t believe.

I got upset with them in those moments, but I wouldn’t trade any of those moments away. Their curiosity is what makes them who they are today. And that is worth a little fine powder and fireball.

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  1. Trudy Callan

    My kids love to watch MacGyver reruns on Netflix. Our oldest son always talks of wishing he had his own building to do experiments. He would have loved hanging out with your boys.

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