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When I started my blog in July of this year, I spent a lot of time looking for other midlife women who were a part of the blogging world.

I came upon a wonderful group called The Fierce Fifty, which I joined right away. There are so many fabulous women over 50 in the group that I felt I had found my people.

But then a funny thing happened.

I realized rather quickly that there is an enormous pool of amazing women in this blogging world… of all ages. Why confine myself to one demographic of midlife women, when I could open up to those amazing millennial women too?

Maybe part of that was because I personally know of a fabulous millennial who is taking the blogging world by storm. She is someone I admire and I am extremely proud to know this remarkable young woman.

Chelsea is an amazing young mother who gives her fashion and common sense advice to other young mothers.
Chelsea Padgett

I met Chelsea when she was just a young girl. I watched her mature gracefully through her teen years, and soon after graduating she left our small town for the big city. From New York to Los Angeles, Chelsea made her way right to the top. She started her high-fashion career working as a Make-up Artist for the number one cosmetic company in the world.

But that came as no surprise to any of us who knew her. Her sense of style and glamour began from the moment she could say “shoes”. Whether she was off camping or hosting an event, Chelsea has always had a way of looking her best.

     She took her fashion sense, her common sense and her eye for the beautiful and rolled it into Binkies and Baubles. From the moment I met her she has followed her own heart and passion and it shows in everything she does today.

She started blogging as a hobby when she became a stay-at-home mom. She knew in her heart that she wanted to keep alive the part of her that makes her uniquely Chelsea. Stepping into the role of mother was natural for her, and sharing her tips for looking great in a t-shirt and jeans at the park with other moms was second nature to her.

Chelsea has a great sense of fashion and pulls of a wonderful look, even as a young mother of two toddlers
Chelsea and her daughers

She enjoys sharing her tricks for the everyday makeup wearer, as well as her fun finds and gadgets that make daily motherhood tasks simpler. By the time her second daughter was born, Chelsea turned her hobby into a real business.

This woman has an overwhelming joy for being a mom and her love for her children shows. After being “on the job” for three years she was finding herself surrounded by a generation of women quick to judge one another on parenting styles. She found women who were already lost after only one year in their mom journey, and it broke her heart. Chelsea knew she had to take the small community of moms following Binkies and Baubles and build a movement.

     Her motto has always been, look better, feel better, do better. And that became her platform to wrap a blanket of positivity over those amazing moms who were suffering.

Suffering from exhaustion, feelings of failure and of feeling alone. She believes it doesn’t have to be that way, if we just change our thinking to positivity and empowerment.

This fashionista has always practice dressing for the part she wants in life, and it has paid off for her whether in the fashion world or in the stay-at-home Mom world.

She’s no stranger to the challenges of motherhood, knowing first hand that it’s not always easy. But she believes if you take the time to get dressed in something other than sweat pants, you just may have a little pep in your step and feel like an adult…like a woman. The best part about this is she knows how to make simple everyday clothes look great, and she shares her secrets on Binkies and Baubles.


Beach days with Cora
Chelsea and Cora

Her generation has it much harder than mine did. It was hard enough getting that glance of judgment from another parent at the school when picking my kids up, I can’t image how this generation is surviving social media. Every misstep is quickly recorded and shared and judged. Mainstream media has been quick to blame millennials for just about everything that’s wrong in the world, which can be very stressful for young mothers.

Because of this, this mom is determined to make a difference. Her goal is to lift other mothers up so high they start a revolution. She started a private FaceBook group  for moms where she challenges other mothers to look better, feel better and do better. And even though my sons are grown I have joined in. It is a great place to find positive daily reminders for each of us.

Disneyland is a favorite for this mom
The girls having fun together!

     With small gestures come great changes. Chelsea has started a movement that will help so many young mothers conquer motherhood and live the best life they dreamed of when starting a family.

     I couldn’t be prouder of her and we have joined together to encourage Reciprocal Mentorship. By Bridging the Gap between Millennial and Midlife women Binkies & Baubles and Countdown to 60  hope to bring our generations together to share our unique gifts. It’s time to do this together.

Chelsea and I intend to let go of labels that divide us. The wisdom and experience of midlife will join forces with the innovation and energy of youth. As a friend of mine likes to say, “Deep inside every Midlife Woman, a Millennial exists and within every Millennial lies a future Midlifer to be.”


Reader Comments

  1. Chelsea

    Thank you for being my partner and support in this journey. You have such kind words, I hope others feel the same way you do about my mission in motherhood.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      It is pretty easy to write about you! You are truly an amazing woman and I love how much you give and support your community of mothers Chelsea!

  2. nifty50girl4237

    Love ready Chelsea’s story! As women we truly need support groups. Young moms today are under so much pressure to be “perfect pinterest moms”. Glad Chelsea is reaching out. Great Story!

  3. Christy B

    Women of all ages can be fabulous so I love that you’re not just setting your sights on the 50+ group 🙂 And great to meet Chelsea! I wish you amazing things with this partnership <3

  4. Catherine

    Loretta, what a treat it must have been to have watched Chelsea blossom into such a powerhouse of a woman! Her motto of “Look better, feel better, do better” is so inspiring and I thank you so much for joining the campaign and sharing her story with us!

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