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Exposing the truth

Okay here goes nothing. It’s time I exposed the truth to myself and be who I am. I have been hiding behind the stories I tell myself and I don’t want to do that anymore.

Five years ago, I was in great shape and looked my best. At least on the outside.

I was 53 and single. I wanted to have one of those glamor shots done before I was too old. I had loads of makeup on and hair extensions in and the best lighting for the perfect shot.

It was fun to do, but it wasn’t “real”.

Here I am five years later at 58, and wow what a difference. Notice the practical, unsexy bra goes perfectly with the practical, unsexy underwear.

And how did I get so out of shape?

The interesting thing about these photos is, you can’t tell by the first one that I was a wreck. I was getting into yet another relationship. I was scared and nervous, and I wasn’t eating. Thanks to the stress diet, I was in shape.

The second photo shows an out of shape (let’s go ahead and say fat), comfortable, married, happy woman. Sure I need to lose 30 pounds, and yes I need to get in shape so that I stay healthy. But the outside isn’t all there is to us.

It’s funny when I decided to write this I thought I’d be exposing my fat and talking about dieting and getting back into shape. Maybe what I need to start with is what’s inside. I may have just had a light bulb moment.


  1. Love it. Wait until you hit 78.

  2. I freaking love you for posting real photos! That’s my thing-honesty in blogging and writing. You look great both ways.
    Presently, I am in the process of going back to my weight loss program. I lost 25 pounds and swear I gained 15 of those pounds in France a few weeks ago. I’m doing it slowly–again because I love to eat. I need to read more of your blog now. Bye!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-07-16 at 19:55

      Thank you Catherine! I really appreciate the encouragement. I’m like you, I love to eat. I used to say I only exercised because I like food! I used to ride my bike 13 miles to get the best croissant, because I knew I earned it. Trying to get back to that way of thinking again. I will check out your blog!!

  3. Even though you and I may not agree on a few things, I find you to be a huge inspiration. I’m really proud to call you my Aunt. I always knew you’d go places in life and be different. Yes that’s a good thing. I love you. You rock!!!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      2017-07-17 at 14:17

      Thank you Ilene, that means so much to me. I don’t feel like an inspiration, most days. Just yesterday, I was thinking, “what gives me the right to think I can do a blog like this…” Your words and timing are perfect. I love you too!

  4. it’s way better to be happy, that’s for sure.

  5. OK, you’ve thrown down the bravery gauntlet…I may need to get really vulnerable and show my physical self too. I am fine writing about my issues, but baring them physically, well that’s been a different story.

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