(Don’t) Leave the light on

I’ve been told I’m weird more than once before. Especially when it comes to my sleeping habits. Sleeping is one of my top favorite things to do, as long as my surroundings are just right.

My husband likes to tease me and says I’m like the Princess and the Pea. While that’s not entirely correct, it isn’t too far off base either.

I am all about comfort.

I have the perfect mattress with down pillows and a down comforter. I buy good quality sheets and slipping into bed each night is like heaven.

But here’s where the “weird” comes in.

I don’t like any lights in my room. None. Not even the glow of a clock. And speaking of clocks, I also don’t want any electronics in my room. No cell phone, computer, TV, clocks, nothing.

I think it messes with your brain to have that stuff around while you sleep.

And this can be a bit annoying to my husband. I’ve noticed he’s been hiding his cell phone by his side of the bed. He gets up early and for some reason has a need to know what time it is.

I’ve often said that sooner or later there will be proof that I’m right about this. And the other day John sent me an article about how even the smallest of light in your room during sleep can lead to depression.

Yep, next there will be proof that having your cell phones, computers, electronic clocks, ipads, etc. causes cancer, or whatever.

So do you sleep with a light on?

Is your cell phone right next to you all night?

Reader Comments

  1. Cindy Scurry

    My cell phone is on the side table – it is my alarm clock. I’m a good sleeper so I can sleep with lights on/off – prefer them off. I have slept with music on too – prefer it off. I like the ceiling fan on. I have two pillows and I love tons of blankets. I have a duvet and I sleep with it even during the summer! I usually kick out my foot, otherwise all covered up!

    nite nite

  2. littlemissw

    I can’t stand light either but our room is at the opposite end of the house to the kids so we have a baby monitor, which has lights on it. Hubby put duct tape over the lights, so that solves that problem. We also have a clock and my mobile, both for alarms but no TV, computers etc.

  3. Kathryn Aebig

    I actually turn my cell phone off every night. But, I do have three fans going every night. Winter and summer. I love wind, the sound of it and the moment of air.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Ha! My kids got the fan obsession from me too Kathy. I love the white noise and absolutely NEED air movement!

  4. Mary D.

    Chronic insomniac, here. For years I had to have it completely dark. I have recently found that I don’t mind subtle light as I recently bought a salt lamp and have it set very low and love that I can wake up in the night to a lovely glow and can now see my surroundings if I need to put the dog out or head to the bathroom. I have a basket on my nightstand with a sleep mask that I put on if we are on 2nd shift, ear plugs, an ice pack mask if I get a migraine, lip balm, lotion, eye drops, ear drops, Kleenex and anything else I might require to make sleeping perfect! Gosh, I think I might be high maintenance! Lately I find that I have turned my end table next to my recliner as a catch all for anything I might need while working on the laptop or watching tv. You know what I am talking about? You often see it next to the elderly’s recliner. Don’t even get me started on what all I have on that cluttered table!! lol

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Your nightstand sounds a little familiar, Mary. Mine is cluttered with lotions and oils and lip balm and always a glass of water!

      I think we have to do what it takes to help us sleep better. Just read another article (I’ll share it later) about sleep and Alzheimers!

      Sleep well, my friend. X

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