Come fly with me

I have a love hate relationship with flying. I love that I can jet across the world in relatively little time. But I’m not fond of the actual flying experience.

Walking past the business class section on our Aer Lingus flight I got a painful reminder we were in the cheap seats. Our seats wouldn’t be 22” wide and fully recline into a bed.

We had two normal seats with the rest of the passengers who spent a good portion of their savings to fly to Ireland. The layout of the Boeing 757 is good, because we had our two seats together without having a stranger in a third seat next to us.

Come fly with me!
Aer Lingus to Ireland

We left California in the early evening, which is a great way to fly to Europe. We managed to get a little sleep in our cramped seats and arrived mid afternoon, ready to set our clocks to Dublin time.

The flight socks (compression socks) felt great during our 10+ hour flight and even the funny blow up pillows came in handy. I’d say John and I managed a good 4 hours of sleep.

Can you sleep on planes?

We landed in Dublin at 06:00 California time and 14:00 our new time. After getting our rental car I was happy to hand the keys over to John, who has driven on the left side of the road way more times than I have (#never), and we hurried to our hotel to freshen up.

It felt great to brush my teeth, wash my face and change out of my travel clothes. The sun was shining and we knew we needed to stay awake to acclimate to our new time zone.

I’ve read that walking around in the sunshine is a great way to reset your internal clock, so we headed for Malahide, remembering to stay on the left side of the road during the short 15 minute drive.

The place was crowded with not only tourists, but also locals who were soaking up the sunshine. We went for a walk along the beach watching as young people in bathing suits braved the chilly wind in order to absorb as much sun as possible.

I’ve only been to Ireland one other time, and the first day we arrived then, I wanted to put my feet into the Irish Sea. So we set out to do the same this time.

Along the shores in Malahide, Ireland

I have to stick my toes in the Irish Sea!

After our beach tour, we headed to Malahide Castle and Gardens. By the time we’d arrived the sun was in the perfect position to give us natures best lighting.

Path to the gardens
So green and beautiful!
So happy to be here in the sunshine!
Church ruin, Malahide Castle
Magnolia’s are blooming at the castle
Modern Castle? We noted satellite dishes and green lights!
Beautiful setting

We had dinner in town at McGoverns and headed back to our hotel near the airport. Remember…stay on the left side of the road!

Malahide diamond

Our evening was capped with music in the lounge with everyone singing and enjoying a few pints. It reminded me of just how much the Irish love music. So fun.

It’s Sunday morning for us now, and we are firmly committed to be on Dublin time.

Off to see John’s family!

Reader Comments

  1. Shelly

    Awww looks like a great trip!

    I’ve never flown overseas – but if I had my choice I would rather hop in a car and have a road trip! I am not afraid of flying, I just don’t prefer it.

    But I can see where it’s handy, I can’t drive across the big pond!

    Enjoy my friend!

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