Buzz Cut?

I’m trying to write more of my story, but keep getting stuck. My mind is elsewhere.

I feel like I need a change.

Usually when I feel this way, I move the furniture around in the house. Or change-up the decorations. Sometimes I’ll get a new hairstyle to shake things up.

But, I just moved the furniture last month, so that is not going to help. And I have an appointment on Wednesday to make some changes to my hair. But, I’m not sure that’s going to fix this need for change I’m feeling.

Does that happen to you too?

Do you ever have a feeling that “something” needs to change, and you just can’t put your finger on it? What do you do about it?

I’ve been known to make drastic changes in my past, and I’m trying to learn how to just settle down and relax and let things flow. But I’m not a very patient person, as my husband sometimes points out.

I think part of the reason I’m feeling this way is I’ve fallen into a routine that isn’t all that healthy. I spend too much time on my computer and not enough time moving. I’ve also been eating and drinking too much.

It’s almost like I’ve been in vacation mode for the past month, even though our vacation is still a few weeks out.

So maybe the change I need to make doesn’t involve redecorating or getting a haircut, but rather, re-evaluating my lifestyle?

With that, I’m off to buy groceries, so we aren’t going out to eat all week. And John just mentioned something about going on a hike later, so I better get going.

Hopefully this helps otherwise I might end up with a buzz cut on Wednesday? Stay tuned…

Have you ever felt a strong desire for a change?

Reader Comments

  1. Cindy Scurry

    Getting outside and eating right may be just what you need! I did like your hairstyle when it was shorter – chin length. Very cute! Buzz cut…ummm…no. Don’t do it! Your trip will be amazing!

    When I go on vacation I tend to stay on vacation with food and drinks well AFTER the vacation has ended. It’s a problem…mainly to my waistline. 🙂

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thanks Cindy…I liked it that length too. I can’t wait to see what I end up with on Weds.

      John and I were talking about how we have mentally started our vacation, then we will go on vacation and eat and drink a bunch, then extend it when we get home! I have to stop that!!

  2. Nikki Gwin

    When I get that way, I need to get away. To forget the struggles of the daily grind. And just force my mind to think on better things. It doesn’t have to be a big vacation. Just a drive in the country, or a walk at the river. Not alone however, because then I just think MORE! haha But with the Mr. and just do nothing basically except get away from the thoughts that were dragging me down.

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