Breaking bad…

Do you have any habits in your life that do not serve you or your health?

I know I do. I’m working on changing a few. My morning routine has been one of getting up around 6 or 6:30, getting my big cup of coffee, with real cream and honey in it, and heading straight to my computer.

Hours later I’d realize I needed to find something to eat, or get out and go for a walk. I’d struggle throughout the day with this pull to get back to work on my blog or “building my platform”.

My day would end in much the same manner: at my computer but this time with maybe a glass of wine instead of the coffee.

Next morning, do it all over.

How do we break habits? I believe we don’t break them, but instead replace them. So this morning I got up at 6:15 and made matcha green tea instead of coffee. By 6:45 I was enjoying a bowl of steel cut oats with fresh organic strawberries.

Have you ever tried replacing matcha tea for coffee?

We joined the local YMCA and I am riding my bike to my first NIA class at 12:30 today. A friend told me about NIA and I’m looking forward to giving it a go.

So I have started to replace my habit of my daily routine. What do you do to change things up? How do you “break” a habit?

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  1. grandma2glamma

    I’m usually up between 5-5:30. I don’t function without first having one cup of coffee. I do find myself vegging out way too long lately before eating. That tends not bode well for the rest of the day…

  2. Mary D.

    The ‘experts’ used to say it takes 6 weeks to break a habit and form a new one. From personal experience, I knew that wasn’t really true as over the years, I have broke lots of bad habits and replaced them with better, new habits and eventually revert back to the bad habits. Sometimes I have changed bad habits for as long as 6 months (like when my IBS doctor said I needed to quit coffee, pop and chocolate and was faithful for half a year.) My health coach is now telling me the ‘experts’ are saying that it really takes a year! Maybe what they should say is if something is a problem for you, you might as well figure it will take a lifetime of successes and failure before one can figure they have it conquered!!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Very interesting Mary. I always thought it took 21 days to form a ‘new’ habit. Which is why I try to replace habits, rather than break them. I quit drinking coffee and wine for this 28 day diet. Mainly to just get myself out of the ‘habit’ of reaching for it. I have to say, I miss coffee way more than wine!

      Yes, IBS is a serious one. I think if our health is involved it’s easier to make a change. But that does take a long time…perhaps a lifetime.
      Thank you as always for reading and sharing your thoughts too Mary!

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