Birthday Bash

Birthdays are a big deal to me, but you probably already know that. And without trying to state the obvious, this next one is perhaps the biggest in the deal department yet.

I can only remember one birthday party as a kid. Just one. I may have singled this one party out, but I doubt it. The reason it may stand out the most is that was also the occasion that my younger brother, Brian, decided to stand on the fence and pee in front of my friends.

I was nine and mortified.

I don’t recall ever having a birthday party as a teenager, but maybe I did. My Mom died when I was eleven, and I know my Dad wasn’t much of a party planner or even cake buying type.

As a young adult there were a few times I felt my birthday was important to someone other than me, but that wasn’t an every year occasion. I had a few girlfriends who made me feel like a queen for the day, and I’ll cherish those birthdays forever.

But generally, people are busy celebrating someone else right around my birthday. I was born May 10, 1959 – on Mother’s Day. And, I know, that’s not a big holiday like Christmas or New Year’s, but I still got gypped out of a celebration on more than one occasion.

When my 50th fell on Mother’s Day, the only person who could make it to my party was my oldest son.

My 50th Birthday, 2009

And for my 52nd birthday, I decided to run a Half Marathon and was so proud of myself for accomplishing that.

Wine Country Half Marathon – May 2011

As soon as my daughter in law, Amber started living close to me, I’ve had a birthday cake (at the very least) almost every single year. She even found out I would be traveling one year and called ahead to make sure I had a special cupcake with a candle to celebrate with.

My special birthday cupcake – 2012
Homemade chocolate cake while camping at Yosemite – 2013
2013 Yosemite birthday
Birthday party at Lake Nacimiento during Noah’s half Iron Man competition

So even though I may have missed a few celebrations, I feel very loved and special.

May 2016 – Motorcycle trip in the Florida Keys
May 2018 – What a cake Amber made!

And I’ve decided I want a big birthday party for my 60th… and I’m hoping you can come!

I’m not even sure where it will be, except close to where I live. But I do have a date: Saturday, May 11, 2019.

Amber started a Pinterest board even before I did and came up with a few ideas. She knows how much I love photos and photography and we decided that would be the theme of the party.

But I’m not sure where to have the party! I’ve looked at renting a big house near the beach, but I’m not sure I can pull $5,000 out of the budget for just the venue.

So I thought I’d ask you. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Reader Comments

  1. Sherry

    You and I are both going to be hitting the “big one” this year! I have decided not to do a party this year…instead i’m Going to celebrate the entire year doing lots of little events and trips. I wish I were going to be in California for your birthday. I would love to celebrate with you!Anyway, i’ll put my thinking cap on regarding a food location. Just a thought, but what about that winery you went to with Catherine?

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Great idea Sherry, but not sure that place is big enough.

      And Happy 60 this year!! I love your idea for your celebration…it’s kind of what I do every year! lol…time for a big party and I so wish you could be there!!

  2. Cindy Scurry

    Have it ON the beach! Wouldn’t that be free? Just an idea. Not sure how fancy you were thinking.

    I don’t remember many birthday parties either. I never wanted one as I got into middle/high school. It’s funny that I’m not one to celebrate my birthday much at all. I like when a loved one remembers but that is sufficient. I don’t want me coworkers to know.

    I love your pictures – what a great theme idea for your party.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you Cindy! Yes, I’ve done the beach theme many times.

      I find it fascinating that some people really need and want to celebrate birthdays, and others don’t. I wonder why?

  3. Gina M Tabachki

    Consider using a public beach venue for the party and using your money for food, beverages, music, decor & a photographer. Thanks for encouraging us to live well as we countdown to our own #60. Happy birthday (early)!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you Gina! I may end up doing that…but it’s kind of what I usually do, and wanted something different.

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