Do you have A Best Friend? Or are do you have Several Best Friends?

Is that even possible, to have more than one best friend? Isn’t it by definition a singular position?

I spent today with my best friend, Estelle. We hadn’t seen each other in over a year and I was so excited to see her. Wow, that does not seem possible. She lives part-time in Southern California, just two hours from me, so how did we not see each other in so long?

The good news is it doesn’t really matter how long it’s been. We pick up right where we left off and don’t skip a beat. We’ve known each other for a very long time and are like sisters even.

I love catching up with my best friend
Best Friends

We’ve had people ask us if we are sisters, though we look nothing alike. One time an older gentleman came up to our table on his way out of the restaurant we were at, and said it was nice to see sisters having so much fun together.

We’ve been through a lot too. We have been there for each other through divorces and remarriages, through kids leaving for college and grand-babies being born. I love that I have a history with this woman.

She is also the only person who makes clothes shopping fun for me. So after lunch we went into the mall and did some shopping. Well, a lot of shopping really. Late into the day we were laughing and hugging at our cars saying goodbye to each other.

My best friend makes shopping fun
Shopping with Estelle, Nov 2017
Nov 2011 shopping
Shopping with Estelle, Nov 2011 

I know it won’t be so long before I see her again, but even if it is, it will be okay. She is my best friend after all.

Who is your best friend/s?

me and my best friend
Baby shower for Estelle’s daughter

Reader Comments

  1. Lisa

    What great photos. I have three women who have been my best friends for 48 years. Our friendship has survived childhood, teenage years, and adulthood that took us to multiple countries and thousands of miles between us. And yet when we do get together, it’s just like you describe here. That bond never dies.
    We’re lucky to have such a strong friendships in our lives.

  2. Mary D.

    Ah, this story brought tears to my eyes. Cherish your special friendship. They are one of life’s wonderful benefits. I lost my best friend and it is like losing part of yourself. All that wonderful history we had for 44 years is just a memory and sharing experiences with her are gone forever.

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