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I’m learning all about hashtags and applying them appropriately to my posts on Instagram. I spend a lot of time there. And on Facebook, making sure to #BeInTheMoment with my online gang.

And I’ve done a pretty good job building an online community with some cool people I wouldn’t have met if not for social media. I’ve said before that I can be very focused and I can certainly get that way on Instagram and FaceBook.

But you may not see as much of me in the coming week. While I can get focused with my online community….I will be even more so with two very special people in my life. Well, and their parents.

I remember the day my youngest granddaughter was born. I knew in that moment what all the fuss was about from other grandparents. I used to kind of make fun of them, talking non-stop about their grandkids and way over sharing photos online. What gives with that?

And then I was in. It’s a group you know: us grandparents. We shamelessly promote those littles to anyone and everyone that will listen or tune in. If you’re not in the club, you may not fully grasp the magnitude of the love we have for them. It’s something that is nearly impossible to explain. It’s one thing to love our children, and another to love our children’s children.

My youngest son is a Naval Aviator finishing up Test Pilot School. He goes where the Navy sends him, so I try not to get too mad when he takes my girls across the country to live. He did a great job picking my daughter-in-law too. We talk almost daily and she is the best Mommy I know. Going to their house is like going home for me.

But no matter where they go, Nana will go too, and I’m off for a visit. See you soon girls!

I’ll check back in with you daily, but I plan on being #EverPresent with those two girlies of mine.



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  1. carrieandkat

    Sweet little girls..yes i never understood the grandparent thing and now i will be one in 9months. Still wrapping my head around it but it will be exciting

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