Balancing Act

I’ve always been more of the “destination” type of person versus the “journey” sort. I just want to get there, as fast as I can. I’m learning to change that slowly, partly thanks to my husband.

If there is a long way to get somewhere, he will find it. That man loves taking the back roads. Most times when we would get a chance to go visit our granddaughters, who lived about three and a half hours away, it would be a journey. A few times when my daughter in law would text me to find out our ETA, I would send back just two words “John’s driving”. She knew to tack an extra half hour on to our arrival time.

Have you ever found treasures along your way to photograph?

That used to drive me crazy, but I’ve learned that there are some amazing discoveries along the journey. We have been on great adventures by motorcycle or car that I would have missed if I were the one behind the wheel.

Taking time away to play is always important

This spills over in my everyday life as well. I set a destination and then head there, straight away, as fast as I can. Looking back at my old journals there’s a long line of quick starts, and fast burnouts.

This last week has been much better for me than the previous one. Two weeks ago, I was so hell bent on growing my following for this blog as quick as I could so I spent many hours online diligently working away. By the end of that week I had hit the wall.


I was cranky and felt sluggish and tired and wasn’t having any fun. I had spent way more time sitting than doing just about anything else. Last week I made a change and found some balance. What a difference that made. I started to recognize that I was on a journey, and the end game wasn’t the goal. (Did I just say that?)

Looking back at my Instagram posts and I can see what a difference balance has made. I look so much happier in my photos this last week.

Finding the balance between work and play

So today I have a question or two for you.

Are you the destination or the journey kind of person? And before you answer consider these questions:

What if you could have exactly what you wanted if you just put your nose to the grindstone for a year? Focused just on that one thing, and got it done?


You could only spend a few hours a day on it, and your goal would be reached in 10 years instead?

Which would you chose?

It’s not always easy for me to find the balance between the two. And I tend to think like my questions above. But I’m curious what you think.

Reader Comments

  1. littlemissw

    It depends on what I would lose in being so single-mindedly focused on one goal. If I could have my novel published this time next year but had to miss out on all the precious moments with my children, it wouldn’t be worth it.

    I am much more a journey person. If you’ve got to make it then you might as well try to enjoy it.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Isn’t that the truth! I like to get things done and check them off the list, now that my children are grown. It becomes a habit, so when I have my granddaughters I have to remind myself to just relax and enjoy. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

  2. carrieandkat

    i guess I am on the journey. i can’t be on the grindstone for long. i was hell bent on blogging all the time but much better when i take my breaks now and then. When driving to visit I am the one that wants to get there because i can’t wait to visit who I am visiting .but on the way back i can take all the time in the world

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. It is interesting to me how we each view the world and react to it. I love that you want to get there if it’s for a visit. I can relate to that part!

  3. Trudy Callan

    You do look happper, more relaxed and carefree in your last two posts with your new dresses from the festival. I’m a destination person, which is why I am on my recliner right now with my leg propped up icing a swollen knee. I am learning the hard way how important balance is. I can be a hard charger. I need to learn to slow down, take breaks, rest, exercise, have fun. It’s so hard. I’m goal driven and focused on my passions and dreams. But being injured is opening up my eyes.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Trudy, I can unfortunately relate to that. I think as mothers we tend to go go go, and if we already have that personality type to push ahead all the time, it can bite us. Take care of that knee!! Thanks as always for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  4. mommyhon333

    Oooo, toughie tough tough question! I am not sure which I am. Probably, like you, I am more a destination kinda gal. At least in most things. I have always longed to take a road trip where time was no object and we could stop on the side of the road and dip our feet into the water of a cool stream if we wanted to, without worry that we were going to be late to our destination. I see to be always rushing which would go along with being a destination personality, I think.

    I am taking a break from my semi-full-time work as a substitute librarian for this very reason. While I love having extra money and the feeling that I am contributing more to our joint expenses, I missed the slower pace of my stay at home days. This week, I have been home more and I love it. Need to remember to enjoy the journey in my hurry to the destination.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      I just responded to Trudy’s comment above about this. I think as mothers we have to keep going going going, and taking a break or slowing things down is a wonderful thing. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!!

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