Back roads and small towns – Day two

Day two of our back roads motorcycle trip

I didn’t sleep great on our hard bed with hard pillows, but I still woke rested. I will admit, I prefer feather pillows, and these little older hotels rarely have them. John and I have often said, “It’s all about the pillows and towels” when it comes to hotel comfort.

We talked about our ride and John suggested instead of going straight home, we ride out to Frazier Park and then over to Ojai, and I immediately agreed.

Before leaving Taft, we stopped at Jo’s Restaurant for breakfast and I’m glad we did.

The walls were filled with petroleum memorabilia and the staff friendly. Our breakfast was so delicious and I was happy the couple from the hotel had given us the recommendation.

Jo's Restaurant in Taft is a great place for breakfast!
Leaving Jo’s I bundled up knowing we were heading into mountain country

Leaving Taft on Hwy 33, the scenery along the ride was much like the day before, but by the time we got to I-5 and started climbing the Grapevine, the views changed dramatically.

Frazier Park is a small town between Pine Mountain and Frazier Mountain. We stopped in to fuel up and took a look around. I definitely want to go back and stay, it is so quaint and the air was crisp and fresh.

Have you ever been to Frazier Park?
Have you ever been to Frazier Park?

John found the turn off that would take us over to Hwy 33 and wow were the views stunning. We don’t have helmet communication so when I want to stop and take photos, I just tap John on both shoulders.

I was doing that a lot on this road.

We were now in the watershed and the vegetation reflected it. Vast fields of green meeting Pinon Pine covered hills and beautiful rock formations around Reyes Peak gave me more than enough opportunities to take pictures.

back roads and small towns
Patiently waiting for me to take yet another photo
traveling back roads
The beautiful valley between Pine and Frazier Mountains
I loved how the hill tops looked like an old western movie with the “Indians” looking down on the valley
The views were amazing and went on for miles and miles
At the top
Motorcycle pitstop
Beautiful wild flowers everywhere
Nothing like last year’s super bloom, but still beautiful.
Is there such a thing as Wild Lilacs? They smelled wonderful!
Desert color
I loved that crop of trees on the hillside

Turning onto the Maricopa Highway (33) we came upon a creek and stopped to enjoy the views.

Pretty place to stop and rest
Beauty all around
Hello there
The man
What a peaceful find

The closer we got to Ojai, the more the views changed. We were heading into the Thomas Fire burn area and it was sad to see the immense damage that fire caused.

Black naked sticks of once lush chaparral stuck up out of the new green undergrowth with a look reminiscent of that guy with a bad hair plug job. And it was all around us.

Traveling down the twisty road into Ojai, we decided to stop for lunch.

When we saw the line up of motorcycles outside Deer Lodge, we knew we found the right place. Everyone was friendly and we chatted with several people about the ride and beauty of the area.

But we were both a bit tired and ready to head home after lunch. We were only about 40 minutes from home and passing through Lake Casitas, stopped to take our last picture.

Lake Casitas

What a fantastic couple of days on the bike. It’s always fun to see new places from the pillion and I can’t wait for our next adventure.

Our two day motorcycle trip in California
Our two day motorcycle trip in California

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