Jane of all trades…master of one.  I’m a woman, mother, wife, writer, photographer, organizer, manager, blogger, wanderer, event planner and more…and in no particular order.

I woke up on July 13, 2017 thinking, “I’m going to be 60 someday.” Asking google how many days to May 10, 2019, I found it funny and ironic that it was 666. I’m going to be  6,  6…60 (yes, I am shuddering). When I was younger I thought 60 was old. But here I am about to face it head-on. I no longer believe 60 is old, but that doesn’t mean society agrees with me.

Ageism is alive and kicking and I intend to kick back.

I remember when Oprah turned 50 and celebrated with all of us. She paved the way for us to feel good about getting older. 50 became the new 30. Now we have role models like Helen Mirren who have shown us, age is just a number.

I intend to embrace 60 with open arms while at the same time remembering it is just another notch on my belt. It is time to get back into shape and feel healthy and fit. My goal is to be “60 and sublime”.

At 58 I felt old and tired. It was time to change that. Join me on my journey to 60

Loretta Sayers – Countdown to 60

At 58 I was asked to model a new clothing line for a friend.

I felt fat and old and thought it was time to change my views of myself by exploring why I had them. I promised myself to be authentic and real in my writings here. Not focusing on the outside world, but within. And challenging myself to face any demons I may encounter.

I hope you will join me on this journey and follow me here, on Instagram and on FaceBook. I will share it all with you, and feel free to share with me as well. Perhaps we can do this together.