A good day

This last Saturday I was lucky enough to be one of about 60 women led in meditation by Davidji. Have you heard of him?

Years ago when I started meditating I would listen to Deepak Chopra tapes to help me. Well, Davidji was Deepak’s lead educator and dean of his university for 10 years.

He is also the creator of the 21-day meditation process that Oprah swears by.

So, yeah, he’s a big deal. 

Anyway, after our meditation we moved to another room where Davidji spoke for over an hour. I was glued to my seat.

Davidji and Catherine

I won’t go into all of the details, but I do want to share something that stuck with me and I’ve been thinking about ever since.

What we are exposed to in the first 30 minutes of the day, can affect how we see our day.

For instance, in our first 30 minutes if we are exposed to negativity (the news), fear (the news), anger (social media posts), and other disturbing images, we are 40% more likely to report we had a bad day.

Even if everything else in the day went well, by the end of the day, we see our world as “Eh, it wasn’t such a great day.”

On the other hand, if we are exposed to positive imagery for those first 30 minutes, we are 20% more likely to say we had a good day. Even if our day had some bad news or difficulties.

Interesting, right?

But what was even more interesting is when he told us how our days add up.

If we see our day as good, and can string enough of them together, we will see the week as good. And if we can string enough good weeks together, we will start to see the month as good.

If we can string enough good months together we will start to see the year as good. And if we can string enough good years together, we will see our lives as good.

It starts with one day.

So I’ve been putting my social media aside for the first 30 minutes of my day.

I will admit, I wake up, brush my teeth, grab a cup of tea, and then open my laptop. And I don’t have negative (the news) stuff on it, but I am immediately “working”.

So instead, yesterday I got on a video chat with my 7 year old granddaughter. We talked about school and Halloween, and oh yeah, that she cut her bangs to about an inch long.

Then I got dressed and John and I walked down to get a cup of coffee. On our way back I chatted with Lynn. She’s a homeless woman I’ve met and I try to make time to talk with her when I see her. She has the biggest smile and holds my hand like we are dear friends.

When I got back home, I dove into my online “job” and the day went pretty quickly. I was lucky enough to chat with my daughter-in-law about Thanksgiving. And spent some time talking with my oldest son about life.

I’d have to say it was a good day. And I’m going to string a few more good days together.

Reader Comments

  1. Cindy Scurry

    I definitely don’t watch the news, or any tv for that matter. I also listen to NPR on the way to work and usually on the way home for the news. After waking up I take about 30 minutes to get my tea, pack my lunch and drinks for the work day. I take my time and I like this quiet time planning my day/intentions. Sometimes I look at social media for a few minutes. Then I get ready for work. I used to get up and walk the dog each morning and I liked that too. I’ve tried jogging every other morning before too. I really prefer to not rush into makeup and work clothes. 🙂 I usually have a good day, week, month, year! I’m a glass half full person – I realized that even more after Brian died. If I can be happy after that – then I am just a happy person!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      You got that right Cindy! You are clearly a happy person. I loved meeting you IRL!!

      I’m like you, I don’t rush my mornings. It’s so much better that way!

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