A gift of the present

It’s Sunday night and I wanted to write a little more of my story, but John just left and I’m feeling lazy.

I was in Oregon last week and got back just in time to see John on Monday night before catching the train back home Tuesday morning.  He worked all week away from home, and got back Thursday night late.

Walking Copernicus in Oregon

Friday morning I left for Ridgecrest to watch my granddaughters and take them to a fun Winter Wonderland event, while Mom and Dad were busy. That was a quick trip because I wanted to get back home to have date night with John on Saturday.

Winter Wonderland with the girls

Sunday, (today) was all about the have-to’s and need-to’s. I got my tires rotated and checked the fluids in my car. We put up our little Christmas tree and then John packed for a week away in Houston.

The beach Christmas Tree

After an early dinner together he left for the airport in Los Angeles.

So here I sit, at my computer putting some thoughts down on “paper”. I don’t want to go back and tell you about our beginning because I want to stay right here tonight…in the present.

Our beginning may have been rocky, but our present is a gift.

We are independent yet close, and that’s a good place to be. So, I’ll share more of our beginning tomorrow, for now I’m going to put my feet up and miss my husband for just a bit.

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Reader Comments

  1. Rebecca

    Nice post. I do love the breaking up with gorgeous pics. Think I will try. Opps. Just did in my current one. Love it. And the new editor looks fine. The test drive was a success!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you! Yes, I love to add photos to my posts…makes them even more personal.

      Not too bad, with the new editor, but it will take some getting used to for sure.

  2. Dawn Bell

    My partner of 12 years and I are both very independent. We met when I was 42 and he 48 so we both had our own homes, etc,…it wasn’t easy in the beginning for us either, but we’ve learned to live together, but also maintain our own space (sanity!) a part from each other.
    I love your tree and your curtains!
    Happy Holidays, Loretta!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Hi Dawn! Thanks for popping over to check out my blog. Congrats on your relationship….it’s a lot different finding love at this age, isn’t it??

  3. Stephanie Skelly

    Good for you for taking time to feel all the feels. And thanks for the reminder and example to not just feel them, but be intentional. <3

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