A Birthday to Celebrate

Thirty-five years ago today, I woke up at 6am and it started.

Just like the book said, the very first sign of ‘delivery day’ came, and I knew I would be meeting my first child that day.

Everything went like clockwork and by 2pm his father and I headed to the hospital. And at just before 5pm we met our son for the very first time.

Adam was born on Dec. 30th and I took him home on Dec. 31st…New Year’s Eve. Only he wasn’t Adam then. We had named him Christopher Adam, but when I got home and looked down at his little face, I started crying and said, “His name isn’t Christopher!”

Still crying and a bit panicky, I called the hospital and told them I gave him the wrong name.

The lovely lady on the other end of the phone line was patient and kind and assured me that because it was New Year’s Eve, they hadn’t sent any paperwork in yet. Then she said, “What’s his name, honey?”

I choked out, “Adam Wesley…after my Dad”, to which she chuckled and said I could come in and pick up a blank card to fill out for myself. Which is why Adam’s little footprint card has the wrong name on it to this day.

He was such a good baby and never cried.

I called my one friend, at the time, who had kids and said, “He sleeps all the time!” She laughed and said that was a good thing.

Our little man

He had a full head of dark hair and was never mistaken for a girl.

As a matter of fact, he looked like a little man from the moment we brought him home. His nickname soon became, Adman the Baby Man. To this day, his good friends still call him Adman.

Adam was bright and eager to learn and when his little brother came along 2.5 years later, he was very curious about the new member of our little family.

And speaking of family, I don’t know anyone else that loves his family more than Adam does. From the time he was little, he watched out for all of us, well, except for the occasional teasing he gave his younger brother.

But even with the teasing and taunting, he would do anything in the world for his brother. As he would for the rest of us.

Pretty sure there was some teasing going on at his brother’s wedding
Snowboard Instructor
Drag Racing Mechanic
Scuba Diver
Family Man…Adam loved his Uncle Bill
At Burning Man
Camp Okizu Counselor

As you can imagine, I could go on and on about my son. After all, I am his mother. But I mostly just want to share what a wonderful man he has grown to be and how proud I am of him.

Safety Engineer
Track Day
Expert Marksman

He’s done things most 55 years haven’t and continues to challenge himself to do more. He’s in the midst of perhaps his greatest challenge right now, and I have faith he will conquer this as he has so many other things in his life.

So, Happy Birthday, Adman.

I hope 35 brings you all the joy and happiness you desire in life.  I love you dearly.

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