Do you ever feel like you are a step behind almost everyone else? Most of my life I have felt like I am coming from behind and I am learning many other people feel the same way.

Why is that?

Are we taught to compare ourselves to our peers or is it just an innately human trait?

I started this blog in July 2017 as I was racing headlong towards 60 wondering if I was ever going to have my sh*t together. Back then I called it, “The Countdown to 60” and I had a pretty decent following.

Granted they were mostly my close friends and family, but it was a start.

I wrote almost daily, which is why I have close to 500 blog posts. My intention was just to write about my life and in the process be honest.

Especially with myself.

So if you have just discovered my blog and want to know my story, start here. I hope you find words that draw you in, truths that speak to you and emotions that you can relate to.


Life at the beach!

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